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A cold home or property is never comfortable and most people can tolerate heat better than cold. If you want to keep your property comfortable, you would have to install an energy-efficient heating system and maintain it well. At Polar Air, we have worked with heating systems several times in the past and understand how to install and repair them well. For good quality installation or reliable repairs, we are the only company you would need o approach.


Installation & Repairs


We have a team of dedicated and well-trained technicians who always keep their skills sharp. We make it a point to study the latest systems available in the market and understand how they work. You can trust us to handle both installation as well as repairs.


  • Installation – We’re experts at installing heating systems and will make sure they’re an ideal fit for your property. We’ll consider factors like the size of your property, fuel source, blower speed, space available, budget, and personal requirements before we carry out the installation. This ensures your system works efficiently and there’s no excessive energy consumption.


  • Repairs – We carry out thorough repairs and maintenance quickly and efficiently. Our technicians will make sure your heating system works well before they pack up their tools. A heating system can develop problems because of dirty filters, lack of maintenance, and age and wear. It’s not uncommon for clients to face issues with cycling, temperature settings, and blower problems. We can handle all of these issues and ensure your system is back up and running in no time.


Ducted & Wall Units


We can install and repair both ducted and wall units. Our technicians will arrive at your property and consider your requirements and budget before they recommend a system to you. Ducted heating systems are a good idea for large properties with widespread heating requirements. Wall units are ideal for smaller properties with more precise and lower heating requirements. You need to choose a system that’s not too big or too small for your property and won’t be a burden on your finances. Our technicians can help you decide so just explain your requirements to them.


Residential & Commercial


We can handle both residential and commercial installations and repairs. We have the skill, equipment, and manpower to handle jobs of all sizes so don’t hesitate to give us a call. Whether you want to install a system in a large commercial property or a small apartment, we’re willing to help. We have ample experience in this industry and know how commercial and residential properties have different requirements. Here’s what you can expect from us:


  • We’ll thoroughly assess your current system to determine the root cause of any problem.
  • Our technicians will take the size of your property and your requirements into consideration before they make recommendations.
  • They’ll make sure that your new system is energy efficient.


If you have any questions about our heating installation and repair services here at Polar Air, just give us a call at 02 9024 9443 or contact us through our website form.




what our clients are saying ...

Simon, Brighton Le Sands

After the 2nd person came to see the issue with my aircon was and were unable to do so, I was beginning to get annoyed. I gave these guys a call and someone was at my house within the hour. The team explained the issue to me and were onto it quick smart. I was stunned to how he fixed it so quickly when the other 2 had no clue. Definitely sticking to these experts from now on.

Sarah, Rockdale

Just wanted to come on here and say a massive thank you to the team at; Polar Air installation & Repairs! They installed my new system without an issue, were efficient and even cleaned up before they left; now that’s service!

Jerry, Liverpool

I’ve had my commercial air conditioning systems for a decade and this summer I began to worry as it was making a weird sound and the staff were complaining that it wasn’t blowing air as cold anymore. The guys at Polar Air Installation & Repairs here instantly, fixed the problem and my staff felt a difference instantly. Thanks guys!

Renee, Concord

I really appreciate the team here for their help in finding which aircon system was right for me and my family. They gave me their honest opinion, a great quote to install the system and were extremely professional. Great job guys!