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Air conditioning, heating, and ventilation systems ensure that your property is comfortable to live in and that it has a healthy environment. If even one of these systems breaks down, your property will quickly become too warm, too cold, or stuffy. Such system breakdowns require immediate attention and should be repaired as quickly as possible. At Polar Air, we have an expert team of technicians who can handle all kinds of emergency repairs and breakdowns.


Air Conditioning Repairs & Breakdowns


When your air conditioning system breaks down in the middle of the summer, you want to get it repaired immediately. We recommend that you service and maintain your air conditioning system regularly to keep unexpected breakdowns at bay. The most common problems with the air conditioning system include:


  • Little to No Cooling – If your air conditioner has stopped cooling efficiently, there might be a problem with the internal systems or the connections between the outdoor and indoor units.


  • Too Frequent Cycling – The air conditioning system will switch on and off in order to maintain a set temperature in the room. This is called cycling and if it happens too often, the room won’t cool efficiently.


Heating Repairs & Breakdowns


The heating systems are idle for the better part of the year and that can cause problems. Most people forget to maintain it well, which can compromise the system. Our skilled team of technicians can handle common heating system problems like:


  • Dirty Filters – Dust and debris can accumulate on the filters in your heating system and clog it. This will compromise the heating and strain the system.


  • Frequent Cycling – Heaters are also prone to too frequent cycling and this can cause the property to become uncomfortably warm or cold.


  • Blower Problems – If there’s a problem with the limit switch, the blower wouldn’t run or run continuously, which can compromise the heating in your property and consume more fuel.


  • Thermostat – The thermostat allows you to control the temperature in the room, if the room’s too warm or cold, there might be a problem with this device.


Ventilation Repairs & Breakdowns


Ventilation systems ensure that your property has fresh air supply at all times. Without a ventilation system, the environment in your property will become laden with dust, germs, and debris. This would compromise the indoor air quality. Here are some of the common problems found in ventilator units:


  • Dirty Vents – If the vents are dusty and dirty, even the freshly circulated air would be of poor quality. It’s important to thoroughly clean the ducts and vents regularly.


  • Dirty Filters – The filters can become clogged over time, especially the filters near rooms like the kitchen and bathroom. This will also compromise the air quality so you need to clean or replace them regularly.


You can get in touch with us at any time if you face any of these problems. We’ll respond promptly and send a technician your way immediately after your call. If you have any questions about our emergency services here at Polar Air, just give us a call at 02 9024 9443 or contact us through our website form.




what our clients are saying ...

Simon, Brighton Le Sands

After the 2nd person came to see the issue with my aircon was and were unable to do so, I was beginning to get annoyed. I gave these guys a call and someone was at my house within the hour. The team explained the issue to me and were onto it quick smart. I was stunned to how he fixed it so quickly when the other 2 had no clue. Definitely sticking to these experts from now on.

Sarah, Rockdale

Just wanted to come on here and say a massive thank you to the team at; Polar Air installation & Repairs! They installed my new system without an issue, were efficient and even cleaned up before they left; now that’s service!

Jerry, Liverpool

I’ve had my commercial air conditioning systems for a decade and this summer I began to worry as it was making a weird sound and the staff were complaining that it wasn’t blowing air as cold anymore. The guys at Polar Air Installation & Repairs here instantly, fixed the problem and my staff felt a difference instantly. Thanks guys!

Renee, Concord

I really appreciate the team here for their help in finding which aircon system was right for me and my family. They gave me their honest opinion, a great quote to install the system and were extremely professional. Great job guys!