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Soaring temperatures are difficult to bear without proper air conditioning, even if you’re indoors and away from the sun. If the air conditioning system starts to falter, you need to call a reliable and efficient professional to handle repairs or replacements. At Polar Air, we’ve a team of skilled and experienced professionals who can handle all kinds of air conditioning requirements you might have. Here’s a brief explanation our services:


Air Conditioning Repairs


Air conditioning systems require regular maintenance to function well. While regular maintenance will keep your system running smoothly for a long time, it’s still likely to develop problems over time. Some of the most common air conditioning problems we’re called to repair are:


  • Condenser Problems
  • Poor Cooling or No Cooling
  • Frequent Air Conditioner Cycling


We have an expert team of repair professionals who’ll arrive at your property promptly address the problem quickly. We’ll make sure that your air conditioning system functions perfectly before we consider our job done.


Air Conditioning Installation


Sometimes, the air conditioners are damaged beyond repair or are too inefficient by modern standards. In such cases, you need to replace them promptly, especially before the summer. Modern air conditioning systems are energy star rated and will help you save money on your utility bills. We can help you with every aspect of the air conditioning installation, including:


  • Product purchase. We’ll recommend the best systems for your requirements.


  • Removing the old system. If you already have an old air conditioning system, we’ll remove it to make room for the new installation.


  • Quick and thorough installation. Our technicians will make sure your new air conditioner is installed properly and works well.


Types of Air Conditioning


We’re familiar with different kinds of air conditioning systems so you can give us a call for all kinds of repairs and installation. Our technicians have worked with the following systems:


  • Ducted Air Conditioning –Ducted air conditioning systems are quite popular, especially in large properties. The cooled or heated air is circulated throughout the property via ducts and the main fancoil system is installed in the roof. We can install, repair, and maintain ducted air conditioning systems on your property.


  • Split System & Wall Unit Air Conditioning – Split system and wall units are some of the most affordable and energy efficient air conditioning systems available in the market. They’re installed in individual rooms so you can easily control where the air conditioning is switched on.


  • Commercial Air Conditioning – Commercial properties need efficient and easily manageable air conditioning systems. We offer complete and comprehensive commercial air conditioning services and will install, repair, and maintain your system whenever you need it.


For reliable and skilled services, you don’t need to look elsewhere. We have ample industry experience and are familiar with different brands like Fujitsu, Daiken, Panasonic, etc. If you have any questions about our air conditioning services here at Polar Air, just give us a call at 02 9024 9443 or contact us through our website form.




what our clients are saying ...

Simon, Brighton Le Sands

After the 2nd person came to see the issue with my aircon was and were unable to do so, I was beginning to get annoyed. I gave these guys a call and someone was at my house within the hour. The team explained the issue to me and were onto it quick smart. I was stunned to how he fixed it so quickly when the other 2 had no clue. Definitely sticking to these experts from now on.

Sarah, Rockdale

Just wanted to come on here and say a massive thank you to the team at; Polar Air installation & Repairs! They installed my new system without an issue, were efficient and even cleaned up before they left; now that’s service!

Jerry, Liverpool

I’ve had my commercial air conditioning systems for a decade and this summer I began to worry as it was making a weird sound and the staff were complaining that it wasn’t blowing air as cold anymore. The guys at Polar Air Installation & Repairs here instantly, fixed the problem and my staff felt a difference instantly. Thanks guys!

Renee, Concord

I really appreciate the team here for their help in finding which aircon system was right for me and my family. They gave me their honest opinion, a great quote to install the system and were extremely professional. Great job guys!